Heirloom Variety Pack

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This 2nd edition Heirloom Variety Pack includes a mix of four distinct, dry ciders made with heirloom apples grown in New England. These apples are grown on small orchards and then carefully fermented, aged and blended into the small batches created for this sampler.

To us apples are to cider as grapes are to wine. As part of our Rare Apple Series, each of the four blends showcase the unique flavors that true cider apples can bring to the table. Enjoy like a fine wine or champagne.


FLAVOR: Vibrant acidity with citrusy notes of lemon and lime. Similar to Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc.
APPLES: Made with a blend of Ashmead’s Kernel and Esopus Spitzenburg apple varieties.
FOOD PAIRING: Pairs well with seafood, like salmon and halibut, grilled vegetables and soft cheeses like Blue cheese.

FLAVOR: Smooth and silky tannic structure with complex notes of black cherry and baked apple. Borders between red wine and white wine.
APPLES: Single varietal made with 100% Yarlington Mill cider apples.
FOOD PAIRING: Pairs well with heavier meats and richer foods, like truffle.


Pleasantly tart and fruit-forward with a strawberry rhubarb finish. It's an off-dry cider similar to sparkling white wine or Dry Riesling.
APPLES: Single varietal made with 100% Stayman Winesap apples.
FOOD PAIRING: Pairs well with fish tacos, fish and chips, and creamy pasta dishes.

 Crisp, rich and full-bodied with notes of honeysuckle, pear and pineapple.
APPLES: Made with Quince and a blend of Blue Pearmain, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Esopus Spitzenburg, Calville Blanc, and Franklin cider apples.
FOOD PAIRING: Pairs well with richer meats like barbecue pulled pork, pork belly, and roast chicken.