Kingston Black

Made with 100% Kingston Black Apples
THE KINGSTON BLACK apple has garnered much praise and admiration from cider makers on these shores and beyond. Originating in the UK, and very sparsely grown here in the United States, these apples possess the 3 ingredients known to make a well balanced cider: tannins, acidity, & sugar. The skin of these apples glow a deep red color, thus the “black” in their name. Our experience with these apples have been happy ones. The freshly pressed juice has a distinct ruby color tasting sharp with a dense fruitiness. Musky tannins abound. This balance leads to a remarkable fermented cider. These apples are notoriously fussy to grow, but from our perspective the results are worth the effort.
Tart & Tangy with a Touch of Funk
100% Kingston Black apples
Sweetness Scale
GLINTCAP 2019 – Silver, GLINTCAP 2017 – Bronze, GLINTCAP 2016 – Silver

Rare Apple Series Mission

The mission of our 'Rare Apple Series' is to highlight the virtues of extraordinary heirloom apples varieties and their exquisite transformation into distinctive cider. In 2017, we started making small batch ciders with some of our favorite rare apples, such as the British Kingston Black apple, and other American Heirloom varieties that were among some of the first apples cultivated in the United States. These apples are unfortunately incredibly rare in the United States and many of the American Heirloom apple varieties were pretty much wiped out after Prohibition. They have only recently started to make a small comeback through the efforts of apple evangelists. We aim to increase awareness of the diversity of apple cultivars and show consumers the depth and complexity yielded from using the right apples to make cider.

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